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My First post on Webs

Posted by [email protected] on July 2, 2014 at 12:25 AM

     when i found this web2.0 blog, i feel great, this one is cool and easy to get traffic, i do need this kind of blogs to support my website, which is a food blog, where you can find the most authentic chinese food recipes , even culture and Traveling information. I will make form to sellect information peopel are interesting in, The problem i have right now is the Ads placement, I put two 160x600 Ads on the on place, on my pc it looks fine, But on tabtel and Phone, it horrible, So, I have to fix that, But what's the new layout? 

     Just found the previous keyword "housewares" for Uniware has been to #4 on the first page, that was so impressive, I even take away some keywords from Uniware to my chinese food recipes site, I have to say SEO really take time, White hat SEO is worthy, Google Some day will trust you more.

     There is a interesting thing, When i come to USA, I am no idea what Bible talking about, and when i reading Bible, It's hard to understand, I though american should know a lot and be serious on Bible, But most of them are not, They are enjoy eating, drinking, Marring. After almost one year study Bible with jehvoah's witness. I start to understand why God write Bible, He love human, He want to human live forever. All the human have responsibility to abey God's words.

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